Matching Grant #76801 Puolan projekti


Yhteistyössä Valkeakoski-Tohkan, RC-Berlin-Gendarmermarktin ja RC Gruziadzin kanssa tavoitteena rakentaa orpokodille leikkikenttä. Ohessa englanninkielinen projektiseloste.



The goal is to purchase an equipment for a play ground for the orphanage in Grudziadz (Centrum Pomocy Dziecku I Poradnictwa Rodzinnego w Grudziądzu) which is situated in Grudziadz, Mikolaj z Rynska Str. 8.

The orphanage provides care for over 100 children, from newborn (who are here prepared for adoption) to grown-up teenagers who are still attending school. Most children living in this orphanage are 8-16 years old.

The idea of funding the children's playground perfectly meets the needs of these children and will support social development of this community. The project is planned for spring - summer 2012